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Musical - Costume Needs

posted Aug 31, 2016, 5:33 AM by Peter Collinson   [ updated Mar 6, 2017, 3:43 PM by Karen Livingston ]

Eastview’s Into the Woods


Costume Needs


  1. Ragged dress with apron with a pocket

  2. Ball gown (same colour as ragged dress if possible)

Gold slippers

Jack  ( 2 sets needed)

Overalls or leiderhosen or knickers, or short pants  stocking cap or small fedora, light coloured shirt, vest of patterns if possible

Jack’s Mother

Ragged peasant wear (skirt, blouse, apron) floppy hat (same colour as Jack’s costume if possible), knitted type shawl, corn broom


Simple pants, long sleeved shirt, large white apron, white baker’s hat

Baker’s Wife

Long dress (grey or brown) with full sleeves - large white apron , rolling pin

Little Red Riding Hood

Red cape, light red short dress, white apron, white tights


Black tattered dress, pointed hat

Cinderella’s stepmother

Ball gown  muter colour


Wolf mask, wolf hands, pants, shirt


Gray wig,


Blonde long wig

Rapunzel’s Prince

Blue pants (to be tucked into white socks), white fancy blouse

Cinderella’s Prince

Black pants (to be tucked into white socks) white fancy blouse


Simple version of what the princes wear - bows for shoes and gray George Washington wig

Milky White

Cow costume


Peasant wear, prop glasses, gray wig

Cinderella’s mother


Cinderella’s stepsisters

Dress with mixed stripes, polka dots lots of colours that clash

Mysterious Man

Black tattered pants, black cape, or shroud and black stocking hat