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Principal's BLOG, March 4 - 2022

Hello Eagles

Thx for checking the BLOG out this week.

Staffing News

Please join me in thanking our VP Mrs. Di Roma and wishing her all the best, as she moves to the Niagara District School Board, following the March Break. Next week will be her final week with us.

Amanda has been an incredible administrative partner for the past three years. She has done significant work in the areas of equity and well being, and has steered us through the ever changing Covid world with expertise, compassion, resiliency and always a sense of humour.

Thank you and best wishes Mrs. Di Roma. Niagara's gain is our loss.

The Board has not announced who will be replacing Mrs. Di Roma yet. Once I have this information, I will share it with you. For the first week after the break, a retired principal colleague of mine, Mr. Peter Milovanovic, will be filling in.

More Staffing News

Mrs. Mather will be starting her maternity leave at the break. We wish her all the best!

Taking on class 62 will be Ms. Lindsey Abell (abelll@hdsb.ca). Welcome Ms. Abell!

Student Safety Concern

It has been brought to my attention that once again we have vehicles stopping and/or parking and/or doing 360 degree turns in front of the school on Hixon St.

These areas have signage clearly indicating no stopping and/or no parking, and there is a solid yellow line designating it as an area where 360's are prohibited.

These rules apply to all vehicles and drivers.

Please help our children stay safe by complying with the signage. I'm going to do my best to get out there more frequently at drop off and pick up times, for student safety, and to keep drivers from being ticketed. I appreciate your help and your understanding.

Kindergarten News

Throughout the month of February the kindergarten classes have been participating in a pre-recorded virtual assembly on well-being, diversity, inclusion and Black Canadian History brought to us by The Saidat Show. Students have really enjoyed this presentation and we have all learned so much about a number of Canadian treasures and their stories. The kindergarten classes chose a variety of inspirational individuals to explore such as Artists Edward Mitchell Banister, Edith Hester McDonald, and Edith Clayton, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Liberty Silver, Mail Carrier Albert Jackson and Olympian Jennifer Abel. We were inspired to show kindness to others, to work together, to listen to one another, to be upstanders not bystanders, to continue to learn about more treasures about black history, and to remember that racism is not okay and we can speak up and make a difference.

Student Parliament

We are hosting a Kahoot contest in each division coming up on Friday March 11th. Each class will participate as a whole to answer questions on a variety of topics.

Diversity & Equity

We continue to explore how to make the students of Eastview aware of equity issues. We have created a slideshow on Black Lives Matter and have shared it with our Grade 6 - 8 classes for Black History Month. We hope that you will check out our work.

Film Club

Our grade 7 & 8 Film clubs are hard at work creating 1 minute videos which they may choose to share with our Eastview classes.

Primary Intramurals

Grade 1 & 2 Noodle Hockey starts up next week. Games will be played during breaks on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please remember your running shoes!

Intermediate Grade (6-8) Physical Education

As we shift from low-intensity to high-intensity activity in PE, consider dressing appropriately for the class and weather as we begin Term 2. Consider sending your student-athlete(s) to school with extra masks during their PE days. Proper footwear, appropriate clothing and a positive attitude are required for each and every class. Intermediate student-athletes have Physical Education 3 periods a week. Please feel free to contact Mr. French frenchr@hdsb.ca at any time.

Intermediate Intramurals - Grade 7 and 8

Volleyball Intramurals continued this week with some sensational playoff action that came down to the last few points. Championship game will be played next week. Intramural basketball will take place after the March Break.

Senior Boys Basketball Team

Practices continue next week as we prepare for our season after March Break.



Senior Girls Basketball

Game schedules & details about the season have been sent out via email to all parents. Please contact popovick@hdsb.ca if you have any questions.

Practices for next week are:

Monday & Wednesday: 3:30-4:30pm

Thursday: 8:00am

Wellbeing Committee

There is a parent information session being offered on March 30th called “Diving Deeper into Anxiety” from 6:30-7:30. Check out the link for more information,

Parent Information Sessions - Info and Registration link

And in Sports...

NHL - Leafs and Canucks, Habs and Oilers Saturday night

NBA - Raptors and Magic tonight, Raps and Cavs Sunday night

PGA - Arnold Palmer Invitational, all weekend

Thank you for reading the BLOG and staying informed.

Enjoy your weekend, Sunday is supposed to be spring like.

Keeping Ukraine in our thoughts. Can't believe this can happen in 2022.