It is difficult to believe that in a community like Halton for many children, hunger isn’t just an occasional missed meal; it is a way of life. COVID has been devastating and made this a reality for an even greater number of families. At Food4Kids Halton we believe that child and youth hunger is a community responsibility and that alleviating the effects of poverty and hunger strengthens our community. Food4Kids is a weekend feeding program for children aged 4-14 years with limited or no food during weekend periods and over the summer months. In the last six weeks we have added 85 children to our program & are now feeding more than 800 children in Halton. To find out more about our organization please visit our website at If you wish to support us:

Healthy Student Snack Bags - Halton Food for Thought

When we feed students nutritious food, we are offering them their best chance for success. We want students to reach their full potential and lead healthy, active lives.

Halton Food for Thought, in partnership with Food for Life, is providing Halton Elementary and Secondary students, nutritious food to fuel their learning, whether they are learning in school or from home!

Weekly HFFT Healthy Student Snack Bags:

  • Consist of a minimum of 3 healthy snacks per student per school day,

  • Include both perishable and non-perishable foods i.e., fresh fruit, granola bar, yogurt.

  • Are universal in nature,

  • no fee or registration required.

For more information including a list of HFFT Healthy Snack Bag distribution locations CLICK HERE.

More than ever, Halton students need access to nutritious food to fuel a full day of learning.

Together we #FeedTheirFuture!

To help support student success, please consider volunteering with, or donating to Halton Food for Thought.

Wellbeing Team 2021/22

We are here to help support staff and student wellbeing again this year. Thank you to the team members Ryan French, Phi Tran, and Leah Snyder for helping with this.. This is an unprecedented time in education, and we need to take care of student and staff mental health more than ever. A supportive community to work and learn in is an important part of that. We are stronger as a village - and on that note - I am hoping we can all work together to make our vision work this year.

Ms. A Di Roma

Our Focus Continues






Perseverance/Growth Mindset


Mental Health Awareness/Well Being


Diversity/Seven Grandfather Teachings

Grades 4 to 8 Classrooms Well-Being Student Ambassador(s)

Each classroom has nominated a Wellbeing Ambassador (or a group of students to rotate through the role). This student will be promoting the activities and themes for each month in the classroom. They will be responsible for creating a class slide to be shared at each virtual monthly assembly. They would be completing surveys and/or communicating with myself or one of the team members to help promote Well-Being in the classroom.

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